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Maple sugaring on our farm in Massachusetts

Cranston's Christmas Tree Farm Pure Maple Syrup
Rich, smooth and tantalizing -- try some!

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Maple Season 2018
We are proud of the high quality and excellent taste of our 100% pure, all-natural maple syrup.

The tables below list the mineral and antioxidant levels found in pure maple syrup.

Mineral and antioxidant levels in pure maple syrup

Enjoy the Real Taste of New England
While our syrup is an excellent choice for pancakes and desserts,

Our syrup is an excellent choice for pancakes and desserts

it is delicious as a glaze for ham or salmon, as a marinade for chicken wings,
as a sweetener in coffee and tea, or as an ingredient in dressings.

The following photos show how we collect the raw maple sap and boil it down to the consistency of maple syrup.

Tom stringing tubing



As Seth and Jon gathered the sap from the holding tanks and buckets, Tom boiled it down in a wood-fired evaporator situated in the quaint and rustic sugarhouse Tom built when he was 15.



The wood used to boil the sap to the consistency of maple syrup is harvested from the farm. The fragrant aromas of the burning wood, combined with the maple smell and the clouds of bellowing steam, enables one to experience the heart and soul of maple sugaring.

Boiling sap in a snow squall

A drop of maple sap is 2% sugar. Those thousands of drops of sap, collected, and boiled down made this delicious maple syrup.

When the boiling sap has reached syrup stage, it is filtered, tested with a hydrometer, and packaged for the consumer to purchase. By gathering the sap immediately after a run and boiling it down at its optimum, our syrup has a delicate, smooth, and tantalizing taste. Try some!

By boiling syrup to a higher temperature, cooling it, and then stirring, it becomes a scrumptious
maple cream (no dairy is added) to be enjoyed on toast or right out of the jar. Yum!

Cranston's Maple Cream

1 gallon — $52
gallon — $30
1 quart — $19
1 pint — $12

Maple Cream
1 lb. — $15
lb. — $8

Shipping and Handling:
USPS flat rate
2 gallons or 2 quarts = $18.65
Other sizes are different rates.
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